Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ava Is 5!

I cannot believe my tiny preemie is 5! The years have gone by so very quickly, here is this past one:

Okay, actually she turned 5 on Feb. 21st, but I just haven't had the motivation to blog lately.

She is reading pretty well now. We are still doing home school preschool stuff, for the most part. I think she'll be ready for kindergarten. Will I? That's yet to be determined. :)
I finally decided that, if we move by then, she will go to school outside home. She just loves being with other kids so much!
I say 'if we move' because the public schools are not the best here, and even the one private school is not too great. I just heard that a friend of ours actually pulled his first grader out and put her in the only half-way decent public school here. So, we are really hoping daddy finds a job elsewhere soon! Yes, we are still hoping for St. Augustine, but we'll see where God takes us. Even if it's here, we'll make the best of it just like we have so far!


Krystyn said...

And, I'm way late, too!

Happy very late birthday, Ava!