Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Starting Anew

Well, here I am starting yet another blog. This time I am promising myself to do a better job of keeping it up. I just hope I can come up with enough interesting stuff to share!
We were just recently uprooted from TN and planted here in Greenwood, MS. A place I never thought I'd end up. I like to think of it as God keeping life surprising and interesting, or at least that's been my solace throughout our transition. I've actually been pleasantly surprised by most of the town, so far. Considering our past year, we're, at the very least, quite thankful to be here. So, we're gonna try to make the best of it, and I think this blog will be pretty therapeutic, as journaling is for most people. It may end up being taken over by stories mostly about our daughter. She is often our comic relief, as kids usually are, and might be needed here too!