Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ava Is 5!

I cannot believe my tiny preemie is 5! The years have gone by so very quickly, here is this past one:

Okay, actually she turned 5 on Feb. 21st, but I just haven't had the motivation to blog lately.

She is reading pretty well now. We are still doing home school preschool stuff, for the most part. I think she'll be ready for kindergarten. Will I? That's yet to be determined. :)
I finally decided that, if we move by then, she will go to school outside home. She just loves being with other kids so much!
I say 'if we move' because the public schools are not the best here, and even the one private school is not too great. I just heard that a friend of ours actually pulled his first grader out and put her in the only half-way decent public school here. So, we are really hoping daddy finds a job elsewhere soon! Yes, we are still hoping for St. Augustine, but we'll see where God takes us. Even if it's here, we'll make the best of it just like we have so far!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year Already?!

I can't believe it is 2010! I really do think 2009 went by faster than any year before for us! I wonder if people will finally start saying twenty instead of two-thousand, like twenty-ten when they say the year. Probably not, I've just wondered that since new year's eve for 2001. I mean, we never said one-thousand nine hundred ninety-whatever (or however you write that out).

Aaaanway, obviously, one of my resolutions for this year should be to blog more. That is, instead of just being consistent with updating my background (did I really just put a Valentine's day theme up?!). I've actually gotten a little obsessed with cafe world on facebook recently. Facebook is addictive enough (never thought I'd even be on there) without adding in some pretty fun games!

Christmas was pretty great for the most part. One downside was the basset hound, Ringo, I left at home when I moved out had to be put to sleep the week before Christmas. He was very old and had been very sick just before. I will really miss seeing and petting him greatly when I visit every month. My mother was quite upset about it, but she seems to be doing good now.

Ava got more Christmas presents than we planned on. But then that includes all she got from both grandmothers (I guess if you factor those in, she'll always be overloaded!). She did get the main thing she was asking for, a Strawberry Shortcake Cafe set. And we did make it to see Santa, as a sort of last-minute thing when we were leaving Memphis. She didn't want to go for the longest time, but then one day she said she had to tell him what she wanted before Christmas.
I guess she'll be talking about her birthday soon. Her birthday is a lot closer to Christmas (February) than it was supposed to be! As she was not due until April. She has already said she wants a Kai-Lan birthday party, and it has to be a surprise. She wants "a lot of people to jump out and yell surprise" (with a lot of balloons and gifts). She is so funny! I told her we'd work on it.

Well, there are a lot of things I could say I want to happen this year, but I really do just want to follow God's plan for us. Hence the blog description I've always had. It is the only way to find true and utmost happiness that everyone seems to be searching for. And the only way to try to understand and deal with the tougher seasons of life. Ya know, when life feels like a box of chocolates.:)

Happy New Year everyone! I pray it's a great one for us all!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Pre-Christmas Ramblings

It is really cold tonight, and with so many houses now decorated brightly, it's seems like Christmas is days away instead of weeks! I guess it could also be because our tree has already been up two weeks, thanks to my being outvoted to wait 'til after Thanksgiving. Christmas seems to take forever to get here (hence the phrase "slow as Christmas" I guess) and then it's over in a wink.

I finally ordered our Christmas cards today. I never seem to get them out as I plan every year, but I doubt anyone really minds.

Ava started sniffling and sneezing this morning. I knew that was coming after the kid-filled Thanksgiving. I just hope she's better enough for the parade this Friday. Oh, and my bronchitis-y symptoms subsided quickly.

I am really missing the cable right now. I haven't really since we cut if off in May, but I'm a sucker for holiday movies and specials. Maybe we could turn it back on for December. But then I don't miss all the toy commercials that are really cranked up right around now.

I am now off to see what cyber-Monday sales I can still catch. I need to narrow down what to get Ava and just the opposite, I have no idea what to get the hubby. As far as myself, I usually end up getting things I need more than the more frivilous-want-type stuff. I think that happens to a lot of moms.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone! It seems we get so busy in the days before getting ready for it, that it's suddenly over before you know it. Our "Duggar-esque" get-together went very well. I can't say it feels as well physically now. I think I may have developed a bit of bronchitis from all the smokers that were there. I thought you could only get it from a virus 'til I looked it up. The restaurant we had it in did have a bar, but I wasn't expecting to feel like I was really in one! None of the 23 from Colorado smoke, but Many others from here do. I've never been around so many of them at once. I'm just glad, so far, Ava is not coughing. Maybe I wasn't as lucky because I was right at their height, and that made it feel like I was just puffing away with them at times. Unfortunately, it even affected eating, just couldn't enjoy it as much with all the smoke smell. Hopefully I'll get it cleared out soon.

Anyway, enough of my personal health update. We ended up with plenty of food, even with the around 40 people. I had no idea the Colorado folks were bringing food too! I don't know how they fit it all in the rv's with everyone! We probably would have still had more than enough, but what a blessing! The things they brought were a little less than traditional, but were all very very good. I may have to get a few of the recipes. We all exchanged email and home addresses so we can keep in touch better. We are thinking about going out there to visit in the spring.

Ava thoroughly enjoyed aaalll the kids that were there. At least 4 of the 12 or so were right at her age. They all wanted to keep running outside to play, but with the wind, it was quite cold. And would you believe I forgot my camera! I had extra batteries in my purse, but forgot to stick the camera in there. It was sitting not far from where I had my purse, just got in too big of a hurry.

My poor mother-in-law wore herself out of course. I hope it won't affect her health too much. They'd probably admit her if they saw the amount of swelling she probably has right now. But I know she enjoyed seeing everyone. I know she doesn't have too many more Thanksgivings with us here. Unfortunately, she was one of the ones puffing away. I wish so much that she could quit. I know she feels it's just too late to try, but she could only feel better after getting through the withdrawal.
Well, I'm wore out too. Before my eyes start crossing, I will just say I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and good luck in the stores tomorrow! I doubt I'll be there, or at least not too early!;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Less Is More

This year Christmas is going to be a bit different around here. We went a little overboard last year to make up for the rough financial year we had the year before that. This year we are going to have her decide on three gifts that she wants the most. I got this idea from a fellow blogger and thought what a great idea. It represents the three gifts given to Jesus, but we also want to teach her about the overall spirit of giving. I thought this would be a good year to start her on understanding charitable giving. We will be sorting out toys from her way-too-many to donate. She understands as much as she can at her age that there are some children that don't have as many toys, some not at all.

Before she was born we had just about decided to let her know early on what Christmas really is, the celebration of the best gift to the world, Jesus and that Santa was part of a fairy tale someone long ago made up for fun around Christmas (or something like that). But, my dear husband decided to pass down our own childhood belief that Santa brings the gifts. Although, if you ask her, she knows what Christmas really means. She has already asked if we'll be making the birthday cake for Jesus again this year.
I know for some it seems like you're robbing your child of something by not carrying on the tradition of Santa, as my hubby, but I see it as robbing them of their trust by not telling them the truth. Okay, maybe that would only be if they were a bit older (if their belief lasts that long) when you tell them.
I've even struggled with letting her get her picture made with Santa. I know some of you may say it's just part of the fun of Christmas, and I should lighten up. But, I think the "going to see Santa" just confuses them against our saying he is not a real person. Then there's those (like my mother) that try to make you feel bad if you don't take them, but then that's how the world wants you to feel for not conforming to be like everyone else. Which is the exact thing Christians are to resist doing (Romans 12:2). But then we all deal with that in so many ways other than Christmas.

Whoooa I don't think I meant to go into all that! I am just trying to say by less is more meaning getting less things (like toys) in order to give to others is more for, most importantly, doing just as the one we celebrate did and wants us to do, and hopefully spark that giving spirit in our children that they can carry throughout life to pass to their children. And, of course, more to the hearts of those we give to.

And many Christmas blessings to those who made it through my rambling and run-on sentences!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Canvas Print Giveaway!

I have actually always wanted to get a photo printed on canvas. I just think that's one of the neatest inventions. Krystyn over at Really, Are You Serious? is sponsoring a giveaway from Digital Room of a 16 x 20 rolled canvas print! They are artist quality and come UV protected. You could have it professionally stretched and mounted for a great Christmas gift!
Just click on the link to Krystyn's blog above to enter! There is also a list of ways to get extra entries, so just head on over!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cough Cough Sneeze Sneeze and Prayers Needed For Mawmaw

Well, this sinus drainage I've had since this past Thursday finally decided to kick into high gear last night. I think making a trip to Memphis this past weekend thinking it wouldn't turn into anything may have caused it to do just that. So, because of some extreme symptoms this time (I won't gross you out with details), I went to the dr. today (haven't been for that in years). I usually just take some Advil cold and sinus and Afrin 12 hr., and deal with it. I thought I might need an antibiotic, but he didn't really think so, as it is just viral thank goodness. He did, oddly enough, give me an rx for one in case it didn't improve in a few days. That and some stuff to treat symptoms. When I get this it always reminds me of the Thanksgiving I was pregnant and couldn't take anything good. I was absolutely miserable for several days. Very thankful for medications right now!

Unfortunately, not as good news for mawmaw (my MIL). She found out today that she has diabetic nephropathy. Basically, her poorly managed diabetes is destroying her kidneys. They said dialysis would not help, but she said she wouldn't go on that anyway. About the best thing she can do is try to get her glucose levels way down and keep them down, as well as her blood pressure. She already has CHF (congestive heart failure), so it's going to be pretty difficult for her body to manage. So, we would appreciate your prayers for her.

I'm glad we will be able to be with her this Thanksgiving. Maybe that's why God has chose to keep us in this town for right now. It should be a pretty special one for her. Kevin's half brother and his huge family from Colorado are coming in. They have 10 kids, plus a few grand kids, plus some spouses, making around 21 people! They are coming in two motor homes that they will dock at a campground near by. It's going to be like having Thanksgiving with the Duggars! BUT, mawmaw also found out today that we now have a place to have the big get-together! A restaurant owned by a friend there in her town is letting us use the whole place, just as long as we clean up! What a blessing, because we were all a little concerned since my MIL lives in a small apartment, and no one else would have room for everyone (including all the rest of the family) either! I told her I would be there extra early to help however I can. I guess this also means I'm gonna have to double the side dishes I usually bring! But, that's fine, they only get to come every few years.

Mmmmm now I'm wanting some dressin' and my special green bean casserole!