Friday, July 24, 2009

Hoops And Yoyo

Here's a picture Ava wanted to take to submit to the Hallmark Hoops and Yoyo site. People apparently take pictures of them in all kinds of places and then post them. This is from today at the chinese restaurant's little fish fountain thing (with Piddles too).

VBS '09

Last week Ava went to a friend's church for vbs since we missed ours this year. Their theme was crocodile dock. She loved it. Kevin and I enjoyed the time together, going somewhere most nights (it was an evening vbs).
Here's a few photos.

Ava reluctantly with the turtle she made.

Picking rocks out of the parking lot on the way out.

Ava and a new friend (that she came home talking about every day).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Give Your Kid A JumpStart!

My friend Krystyn over at her blog "Really, Are You Serious?" is hosting a giveaway of a 3-month subscription to a great educational website called JumpStart. It is for kids 3-10, and is a great way to learn and play at the same time. You get to pick your own "Jumpeez"character or make your own to go exploring different lands that teach math, reading, and more.
Ava and daddy tested it today (for over an hour) on the non-member trial version, and both loved it! Ava loves educational computer games, and this is another great option for her.

So, to win the subscription, just pop over to JumpStart and pick a favorite Jumpeez character. Then, head over to "Really, Are You Serious?" and leave a comment telling Krystyn your favorite. There are also some other ways to get additional entries (one is posting about the giveaway on your blog and then leaving another comment that you did will get you 3 extra). The contest will end on July 22nd. Good luck (uhm, to me too)!

And So It Begins...

We were in the car last night and Ava was drawing on her magnadoodle. She was drawing one of her usuals, her in my belly. Ever since I showed her my ultrasound pictures of her (as above), she has been somewhat fascinated by them. But, last night her fascination hit a new peak.
Ava: Momma, did you swallow me, is that how I got in there?
Me: Uuhhhm, no, God put you in there to grow into a new human being.
Ava: But, why?
Me: Because He wanted to bless momma and daddy with a special gift to love and raise up to be another of His children in the world.
Ava: Why does he need more children?
Me: That's how the world gets people in it. Aaaallll the people you see everywhere.

She just went on to something else after that. They say every generation is more advanced than the previous. I think that's a scary prospect now. I know our turning off the cable may not be enough soon.