Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

You would think with all this raining it's been doing lately I'd be blogging more. I somehow just can't stay at the computer long enough. But really, I can't believe how much rain we've been getting. The river we live across from is waaaay up. I don't think there's any chance of flooding, but the little pump station has started going almost nonstop.

The rain is really not helping the little annual parking lot carnival that's back right now. Ava has been begging to go to it since they started setting up on Monday. She has a cold, again, so I'm gonna wait and see how she is this weekend. Hopefully it will stay sunny like it is for the second right now. For months after it was over last year she always wanted to drive by to see if it was back again yet.

Of course, it rained mother's day. Kevin has had a bit of bronchitis, so we didn't do much that day. We were supposed to go to his mother's. I guess we'll get over there when he's off next week. I had my mother's day on Friday before that. We went to Memphis and had some really good barbecue, and went to see Star Trek. I have never been into that series, but this new movie is really good. Kevin has always been a fan (really anything sci-fi), so he loved it. Like most other trekkies (or is it trekkers now?), he had a few complaints, but I didn't know the difference. We took Ava to Kid's Station during the movie. I think that's where she caught the new cold bug. She loves it there, though. It's like a drop-in daycare. They have a big indoor slide, tons of toys, and movies. It's also very secure. They have buzz you in the front door, and you have to have a password to check them in and out.

We're still working on our plan to get to St. Augustine. Poor Kevin is working hard at learning this new computer language stuff. He said it does look like the market is picking back up for the language he's always worked in, but the pay would be better with C# (sharp). We really need to do something soon. The only decent schools around here are the private ones, and are very expensive. Please pray for us that we make the right decisions, soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Eyewear Giveaway!

My friend Krystyn over at her blog Really, Are You Serious is having a giveaway of a pair of glasses from EyeBuyDirect. It is an awesome site offering huge discounts on some great frames and lenses! You can even try frames on (here's one I tried). So, if you're needing some new glasses as badly as I am, and/or just looking for a new look click here and enter to win. There are some ways to make additional entries for more chances to win!