Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Veggie Disguise Attempt: Failed

This would have been at least a semi-wordless Wednesday post, but Ava wouldn't let me take her picture.
A picture of her trying veggie sausage. Yes, today I tried replacing one of her most favorite meats (I have a very carnivorous daughter, hence the need to sneak vegetables) with a veggie version. Well, it worked for a few bites, then she declared she "didn't want sausage, any sausage". Of course, I did not tell her it was veggie. I think part of the problem was the strange texture. I took a small bite and it was a little mushy. A little over-done on the spices, but not too bad to me. Next I think we'll try another favorite, burgers. That should be a little more successful, hopefully.
Also, some time this week I'm going to make spinach balls again. I made them a long time ago, and they were really good. They're good dipped in marinara sauce, plus that's extra veggies.
If she won't eat a vegetable outright, I'll get 'em in somehow!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Spring Fever?

For some reason I've been antsy lately, wanting to do something new. I guess you could tell by my changing my blog background again (or I just really love color coordinating) . Maybe it's just what they call spring fever. Yesterday I was trying to pinpoint some activities. I know I've always wanted to learn to knit, so I may get a book and/or look for the class I thought I saw in the paper here a while back. I had started working on silhouette cutting a few months ago after seeing a post on a friend's blog where she tried it. I made a list of supplies I thought I'd need. That would be something easy to practice, mainly because it would take a lot of practice to get really good. I know it sounds weird, but I really appreciate it as an art. It's amazing what some silhouette artists can do. I really need to back to making my hair clippies. I just need to get some new ribbon.

But there's the thing, I think of too many things and give up on deciding on one. Or I don't end up seeing a project all the way through. Like the big scrap boxes and no (100%) completed scrap books I have. This really frustrates me...about me. So, I'm determined to change and teach Ava about it in the process. I don't want her to start doing the same.

Plus with the temperatures already in the mid 90's and the fact that I decided to cancel the cable recently, finding a new hobby is gonna be pretty critical. I decided a long time ago one of the "talents" God gave me was creativity. I just don't know why I can't be creative enough to figure out the best way to use it!

To be continued...hopefully....