Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

(Image I've sent to Kevin a few times before)

We don't have huge plans for this year. Am I disappointed? Maybe a little, considering I was hoping for a bit bigger than last year's inability to do much. But that's ok, love is all that counts today. Instead, I'm about to get ready to go see my mother-in-law, who is spending her first Valentine's Day alone in over 40 years. Some of the family that would have gone over are out of town today. We will probably take her out to eat and then to the cemetery. So, when I think of big plans I could have had, I just remember her and am thankful they don't have to include just remembering my sweet bbah (my nickname for Kevin).
But in honor of him, I will do a quick list of things I love about him (in no particular order).

1. The way he says I love you (actually both of us) every hour or less when we are in the same room or car.
2. He says it if we wake a little in the night too.
3. His big bear hugs that just envelop me and make me feel so safe.
4. His sensitivity. He cries easier than I do at movies or some sad news stories he reads. Too sweet.
5. He always offers me a bite of whatever he's eating, even if it's the last.
6. He still opens the car door for me, if he's driving.
7. His incredible love for Ava.
8. Sometimes when we're sitting face to face, the way he likes to put his hand on my chest to feel my heartbeat.
9. Those sweet kissies on my forehead when he holds me. (I'm somewhat shorter than him)
10. His excitement when he sees something new and cool. He's such a big kid and can sound like it.
11. He puts up with my whining, indecisiveness, temper, and much more.
12. He is always telling me how beautiful I am, even if I never agree.
13. He always tells me to "get something I want if I see it" when I go to the store, even if I hardly ever actually do.
14. He lets me warm my cold (ok, they're usually frozen) feet on him.

I could keep going, but I'll leave it at 14 for February 14.
I love you today and always bbah! XOXOXOXOXO