Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rollercoaster Week

That's what it has felt like this past week. We have been in and out of dr.'s offices all week. We still don't know everything that could be going on with Kevin. They do know part of the problem has been his glucose levels are suddenly way too high. Which when they sent him to the ophthalmologist about his eyes is what they attributed the blurriness and pain to (the internist's office actually called to have him rush back over while we at the eye center when they discovered how high his sugar was). It seemed inevitable he could eventually have to face diabetes since both parents have/had it. We were hoping to keep it at bay several more years. So, they put him on medication for it. It's just weird since it has always been at a good number til now. He had to have an ultrasound of the liver and gallbladder, which showed he has gallstones. They couldn't get a good picture of the liver they said, so he may have to have a CT.
He is still feeling pretty bad most of the time, including his eyes are not any better. We have more appointments next week, so hopefully we'll get it all figured out and treated. So, please continue the prayers for him.

I had to reschedule Ava's follow-up twice last week, and it's now Tuesday. She's still doing fine, but I guess we'll find out then if she has to have more tests. I may ask them to go ahead and do her shots to get them over with.

Today Ava and I got outside for a while for her to ride her scooter. What a difference in the weather from last Saturday. Looks like we're gonna have to go shorts shopping.
And I promise to try not to complain about the heat too much this year.


Andrea said...

I hope the Dr.'s can figure out what's wrong next week! I know it's always so hard to have someone you love be sick and have no clue what's wrong or what to do to help...