Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Turn Finally Came Today

In a bad way, that is. I ran out of gas for the first time today (on my way to the gas station), ever. I was in the turning lane to turn into the station, and it just wouldn't go any further. I make such short trips around here that I tend to (stupidly) push it to the edge, and well, it had to be physically pushed today. I'm still just sooo embarrassed for being so stupid. I am normally very careful to watch the miles I've gone once the light starts trying to come on. Well, I think with my car getting older, it's just not going as far as it used too, obviously.
So, God may have taught me a lesson and/or warned me about the car getting older, but He decided to shower me with blessings too. First, it was still daylight and not raining. Second, I was on a major road, in a turning lane, right at a gas station. Third, I wasn't sitting there more than a few minutes and a lady pulled up to ask if I needed help, and then almost simultaneously, two guys pulled over on the other side of the road and came over to push me on over to the station. I couldn't stop thanking them (and God, of course). And thankfully, Ava didn't freak out too much.

So, I guess for the first time, it could have been a much worse situation, but ended up not being all that big of a thing (except in my head).


Andrea said...

Oops! I've done this before too...but thankfully it was before I had kids, so I only had myself to worry about!! I'm glad it all worked out ok though!

Andrea said...

Oh yeah, and blogger has been having an issues with certain blogs and making error messages pop up when you use IE to open them...and of course, my blog has to be one of them. But yeah, if you open it in any other browser it'll work. :)

Jill @ Live Laugh Blog said...

If I had a dollar for everytime I've run out of gas... I could probably fill up my car!

I used to do this ALL THE TIME in high school & college. I'm not sure why... but it happened all the time. Maybe my gas gauge was messed up in my awesome 88 pontiac grand am?
Thankfully, I haven't done it in years though! James, however, did run out of gas on his way home from huntsville once!

Krystyn said...

Yikes! So good that it happened where it really couldn't have been a better location!