Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reminder: Check 'Em!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month(reason for the new background). It strikes 1 in 8 women! I've two aunts that had it. One is still alive after more than 20 years! She had a double mastectomy and it even metastasized to her trachea and chest wall. So, I know I should probably consider getting a mammogram next gyn visit even though I'm no where near 40 (although I will be getting closer on Tuesday). But I do check mine regularly, and that's one key to early detection which is the best chance of survival. About 6 days after your period, here's what to look for:

  • swelling of all or part of the breast
  • skin irritation or dimpling
  • breast pain
  • nipple pain or the nipple turning inward
  • redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • a nipple discharge other than breast milk
  • a lump in the underarm area

You just really need to get to know 'em, to know when something has changed. You can help spread the word by "going pink" on your blog. Another great site I found to aid in your self-check is (Hopefully I won't get too many weirdos putting that word on here).

Remind all the women you know to check 'em!


Jill @ Live Laugh Blog said...

Buah! James just asked me if all the husbands get to "check 'em" this month.
Whatever works, I guess! :P