Monday, November 30, 2009

Pre-Christmas Ramblings

It is really cold tonight, and with so many houses now decorated brightly, it's seems like Christmas is days away instead of weeks! I guess it could also be because our tree has already been up two weeks, thanks to my being outvoted to wait 'til after Thanksgiving. Christmas seems to take forever to get here (hence the phrase "slow as Christmas" I guess) and then it's over in a wink.

I finally ordered our Christmas cards today. I never seem to get them out as I plan every year, but I doubt anyone really minds.

Ava started sniffling and sneezing this morning. I knew that was coming after the kid-filled Thanksgiving. I just hope she's better enough for the parade this Friday. Oh, and my bronchitis-y symptoms subsided quickly.

I am really missing the cable right now. I haven't really since we cut if off in May, but I'm a sucker for holiday movies and specials. Maybe we could turn it back on for December. But then I don't miss all the toy commercials that are really cranked up right around now.

I am now off to see what cyber-Monday sales I can still catch. I need to narrow down what to get Ava and just the opposite, I have no idea what to get the hubby. As far as myself, I usually end up getting things I need more than the more frivilous-want-type stuff. I think that happens to a lot of moms.


Krystyn said...

Hope you got some good deals and found some Christmas movies without cable.

Scheyenne Zigzag said...

Yes I agree. It went much faster.