Sunday, June 1, 2008

"I'm Meeelllting..."

To quote the wicked witch. The heat here right now (around 90, humidity 65%) is just oppressive, and it's barely June. That means it will only be getting hotter. I used to always dread coming down here to visit family and friends from this time til like November! You walk outside and it just sucks the air right out of you. Opening the front door is like opening the oven door. I don't know, maybe God provides this kind of heat and humidity (that seems to stay at 100%) for the type crops they grow here. There has to be some reason besides just making people miserable. I have always lived in the south, I know heat and humidity, but down here it just seems worse. Maybe because we're closer to the equator, but then it doesn't feel like this on the coast. There's like this suffocating heat belt cinching the middle of the state. I also don't like that it makes me moody (as obvious from my post here). I can see why the national murder rate goes up in the summer.


Andrea said...

Obviously our summer's are not quite as hot as yours...I loooove summer though - and hot weather! Buuuut maybe not quite as hot as your summer weather! ;)

Tiffany said...

I know the weather is getting hot!! We went to the zoo today and it was hot but there was a little breeze, which was nice!!