Thursday, July 24, 2008

No! No! Bad Dog Mommy!

I've been afraid to even look to see the date on my last post. I do think about posting everyday, I just haven't been able to get myself to sit at the computer long enough to do one. Another big, frustrating to say the least reason, though, is my computer is still yet to be fixed (I hope I can get through typing a whole post). Now, my husband is telling me I have to find a certain cd that I can't find since moving. Surprisingly, I have been keeping up with reading all the blogs I like to check often. So, this time I'm not making any promises to myself, I just need to work harder at self-discipline (and my husband-discipline).

Which, leads me to my subject for today, potty training. I know, that doesn't seem relevant. It is in that I've decided part of the problem I'm having with my nearly three and a half year old, is me, my inability, it seems, to not be consistent enough with her. Either that or I need to toughen up. I've read several books, even have a video. I get all pumped up, and tell her today's the day, all peepee and poopies go in the potty only. I'll ask her several times if she needs to go, and of course, most of the time she says no. If she has on panties, she'll usually hold it, and if she has on a pull-up, she just goes in it. It does not bother her at all to go in the pull-ups. We've tried several different incentives (from stickers to Chuck E. Cheese). I know, for one, I need to be more forceful in telling her to go in there and at least try when I know she should need to go. That, and I probably shouldn't just put a pull-up on her when going out somewhere.

Soooo, I've decided that just like I went to the pull-ups full time, not using diapers at all anymore, I need to do that with panties. I've also decided to replace the potty chair with a potty seat on the big toilet. I'm hoping this will also help when we're away from home with only a big toilet. I don't think that should cause any confusion, since she does like to get her step stool and sit on it closed when I'm in the tub. I've told her that's the way to use the big potty like mama.

Also, today, like once before, I explained to her that no peepee or poopy is to go in the panties, she must go to the potty if she feels it's about to come out. Except, this time, I made sure she practiced a few times right after my explanation. We'll use pull-ups at night for now, but really, most mornings she's pretty dry now. Which makes me think I need to get on the ball cause she's way past ready. At least, I think. I'm hoping it's just been either her stubbornness, or my lack of experience and not some sort of developmental problem. Which I really don't think is it, considering she shows no delays in any other way. I really want to help her get through this soon, so she can attend dance or gymnastics classes she's talked about (yes, I did tell her if she went on the potty everyday, she could do). I've gotten the advice to just let it go, and she'll do it when she's ready. But with her turning three and a half next month, it's just making my own anxiety about it worse, which I know doesn't help me or her.

I've been praying for guidance, but would also appreciate any tips from others out there that share or have shared in my plight. 'Cause I'm really feeling like the big fat mommy failure considering my big plan oh so long ago was to have trained by two and a half!


Tiffany said...

I remember those potty training days. I remember the running through walmart with my shopping cart so we could make it to the bathroom before an accident. Believe it or not you will have great memories through this time! With Skyler we did move the little potty on the big potty. He loved climbing on the foot stool onto the big potty. With him we had to just do only underwear (excpet at night we did pull-ups.) If we did pull ups during the day he would just pee right in them. So, there was a lot of accidents, but if I could see him starting to go I would grab him and run to the potty. Then make a really big deal that we made it to the potty. Pretty much I followed him around the house for weeks doing that! I will be praying for you, I know this is not an easy thing!!!