Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ramblings For The Day

I'm sitting here trying to talk myself into braving the store for a few things I wanted to get for Christmas dinner, and one last gift. But, it's cold, windy and raining somewhat, so it wouldn't be hard to talk myself out of going, would actually be much easier. I'm also thinking about all the wrapping I have to do tomorrow night. Which reminds me I don't think a couple things I ordered on going to make it on time. On top of all that, trying to make up my mind about supper for tonight. So now I have a bit of a headache.

Ok, enough complaining. I did think of a cute way to do our Happy Birthday Jesus cake. I'll post pictures even if it looks strange. I'm doing red velvet for one thing, and I've actually never had that kind before. I've heard it's just like chocolate.
Kevin has to work Christmas eve and the night of Christmas day, so we'll be doing Christmas at home this year. We did family for Thanksgiving. But, I don't think he has to work New Year's eve, so he won't have to kiss Jeff (his coworker) at midnight haha.
Ok enough rambling, time to get it done. (I would say 'er instead of it but I can't stand that)