Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lazy Start To The New Year

I don't know why, but I've just had a lack of enthusiasm to blog lately.

It's already stuffy nose time again. Ava actually never caught what Kevin and I had around new year's eve, but she's making up for it now. She hasn't had a full-blown cold like this one since the summer. But she's still running around playing, so I'm hoping we'll avoid a dr.'s office trip once again.

Well, we now have a new president. I pray he will make good changes, and will do his best to live up to all the expectations. Unfortunately, some of the things I don't agree with him on is already being talked about as his first orders of business as president. I just hope he'll consider both sides of those and all changes in laws that come before him in the next four years.

Sunday was the seventh anniversary of the day Kevin asked me to marry him. I had planned a big post about it, but couldn't find the cd with the photos from that day. So I lost my enthusiasm to write about it. Maybe I can summarize.

Basically, he proposed to me at my job at the time, Memphis Gastroenterology. He was living in Blytheville, AR at the time and had driven to Memphis to pick up the rings the night before and drove right back, which I had no idea. The next day he wanted to surprise me at work, but wasn't exactly sure of how he wanted to do it. So, when he got to the clinic, somehow they snuck him to the back. One of the girls I worked with suggested he say something over the intercom. They got Dr. Wruble's (head dr.) and the office manager's ok. They then convinced and coached him through, and he proposed over the speakers for all to hear! At first I didn't really catch on, I thought they were working on the phones again and using my name to test the system. But then I realized it was Kevin's voice and listened closer. I was shocked, of course! There's actually a picture of me standing at my desk with my hand over my mouth and eyes bugged out (one of the nurses just happened to have her camera). He then came up to where I was and hugged me and gave me the ring. Everybody was cheering, even patients! I was totally embarrassed, but was just giddy in seconds. The majority of the office made there way up to my desk to congratulate us. I had patients mention it to me months later. It was definitely a different way to do it!

Oh, and we were married just 3 months later in April! I wanted to keep it simple so it could be planned quickly and I guess so we could marry quickly. I wish I had pushed the date out further so I could have planned it more easily, but I guess I was in looooove. No, I was, and still am! I can't imagine what I did before him, not much, I can tell you that. God blessed us both by having us meet (a blind date through my cousin actually) during a difficult time for each of us. I was trying to forget about someone that didn't feel the same for me, and Kevin was actually married before. It was short-lived and they were never really in love, it was more feeling sorry for a friend. It's really a sad story. Basically, she ultimately treated him pretty badly (including cherishing her many dogs more), and he just felt he probably couldn't do any better. But then she committed adultery, and that was it, he got out of that situation.

Whoa, didn't mean to go into all that! But it certainly brings to mind the verse at the top of my blog. God most certainly has plans for us and certainly nothing to harm us but give us hope, and make us stronger. Kevin always says he is actually thankful for everything that happened because it brought him to me and, of course, Ava. I have to say the same. It's not always as perfect as I dreamed of, but I am certainly thankful to have them both and yeah it's still a dream come true.


Andrea said...

Awww!! That is such a sweet (and fun!) way for your hubby to propose. I can definitely say I haven't heard of someone proposing over an intercom before, but what a great idea! :)