Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy (achoo) New (achoo) Year!

That's right, we all sneezed in the new year at midnight. I hope it's not bad luck to bring an old sinus infection into the new year 'cause we've had it since Monday evening. I'm already sick of being sick... and sounding like my mother-in-law who has smoked all her life. So, that means no big party here. Kevin and I watched The Ten Commandments through midnight actually, while Ava slept.

I had this big end of the year review post planned, but I'm just not up to it. I will say we had a better year in '08 than the previous. But then who is to say what is better or worse when it is all God's plan in which things generally happen for our own good in the end. Like that I feel I grew closer to Him during '07 and then on into '08, so I pray that will continue through '09.

Ok, well I may try for a resolutions post in a few days. 'Cause right now I keep typing double letters and backwards, must be the medicine. Glad you can't be contagious through the computer.

Hope everyone has a happy '09! And when are we gonna start saying twenty instead of two thousand like they do in the movies about way off in the future?
Ok, now I'm rambling, going to rest.


Andrea said... guys sound like us! We sneezed our way into the new year too and are still all dealing with colds. :( I hope you feel better soon though...because it really is not fun being sick!