Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Results To Report

We took Ava for the big test (VCUG) yesterday. It went pretty well (not going to count my parking nightmare), but most important is that she does not have any reflux or leaks going on, so yay and praise God! I was prayin' the whole trip down, and praisin' the whole way back.

I say pretty well because we ended up doing it without any sedation. So, I'm glad they let you stay right there with them through the procedure. The people/person that gives the medication goes to conference at a certain time everyday and they didn't end up getting us back until too late. But, as it turns out, what they use is just something to calm them down, no sleep. I mean, I knew they wouldn't be using general anesthesia or anything, but I thought it would be a bit more. So, it wouldn't have been all that much help during the procedure. Plus, the patient has to peepee during part of the test, so they have to be somewhat awake. I had wondered about that, but just thought they had a different way to do that part.

Anyway, needless to say, she got pretty upset through parts of it. Mainly the start (I don't think I'd be too happy about that part either) and the end, when she refused to peepee on the table for them. She finally released a tiny bit, but the dr. said, being a girl (apparently with boys it's more critical to check) and that he didn't see any reflux, it wasn't as big a deal. She was pretty calm through the middle, watching the screen as they filled her bladder to a small balloon. The nurses and dr. were very good with her the whole time. My promise/bribe to go play at Chick Fil A afterwards didn't work out quite so well. Unfortunately, the play area was closed, so we took her to Toys R Us where she got a nice toy. Oh, and no more antibiotic every night!

Thank you for your prayers! We're just glad it's finally over and done with.


Krystyn said...

I'm so glad you got good results!