Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Been Goin' On

First, this computer is about to get the best of me, but I aint gonna let it! Maybe one great day I'll get a new one.
Next, Kevin's CT came back pretty much normal. He just has fatty liver, which we pretty much already figured, even back a few years ago when he had weird liver levels. He just needs to lose weight to help that. He's, of course, not doing everything he's supposed to with the diabetes, but we're working on it.
Ava has her test next week. We had to reschedule it once because they scheduled it for a day Kevin couldn't go. Please pray for no reflux, or at least not enough to worry about. She's still taking the antibiotic everyday for now. I've been letting her eat tons of yogurt to combat any yeast problems.

We were in Collierville last week for several days to take my little brother to work while my parents were out of town. It turned into a little vacation for Ava. We went to some places we don't get to down here. Played at Chick fil A for a while, saw Monsters vs Aliens at the movies (which surprisingly she kept the 3-d glasses on and was never squirmy), and went to Chuck E Cheese. We also, of course, made the Target trip I always have to squeeze in while up there.

It's been storming off and on here all day today. But yesterday we did manage to out to the McDonalds play place. I would much rather take her to the park, but it rained the day before so it was too muddy. It takes forever for the parks to dry out around here. I met a couple of interesting ladies while there. One gave me her card with email address (and etsy site addresses). I may just keep in touch with her. She lives in Tupelo, but comes here every few months. Hey, I take whatever friends I can make around here.

Speaking of Etsy, I may just start my own little place on there. I've been making hair clippies for a while now, but just figured there was too much competition out there. I have a little different thing I do with mine. So we'll see. But isn't that one of the greatest sites ever? It seems to have really grown so quickly.

Ok I'm off to make supper, chicken pot pie. Yum, I hope.


Andrea said...

I'm glad the CT results came back okay! That's a relief! And if you ever start an Etsy shop, let us know! I'd love to see your little clippies...especially now that I've got a girl! :)