Monday, November 9, 2009

Cough Cough Sneeze Sneeze and Prayers Needed For Mawmaw

Well, this sinus drainage I've had since this past Thursday finally decided to kick into high gear last night. I think making a trip to Memphis this past weekend thinking it wouldn't turn into anything may have caused it to do just that. So, because of some extreme symptoms this time (I won't gross you out with details), I went to the dr. today (haven't been for that in years). I usually just take some Advil cold and sinus and Afrin 12 hr., and deal with it. I thought I might need an antibiotic, but he didn't really think so, as it is just viral thank goodness. He did, oddly enough, give me an rx for one in case it didn't improve in a few days. That and some stuff to treat symptoms. When I get this it always reminds me of the Thanksgiving I was pregnant and couldn't take anything good. I was absolutely miserable for several days. Very thankful for medications right now!

Unfortunately, not as good news for mawmaw (my MIL). She found out today that she has diabetic nephropathy. Basically, her poorly managed diabetes is destroying her kidneys. They said dialysis would not help, but she said she wouldn't go on that anyway. About the best thing she can do is try to get her glucose levels way down and keep them down, as well as her blood pressure. She already has CHF (congestive heart failure), so it's going to be pretty difficult for her body to manage. So, we would appreciate your prayers for her.

I'm glad we will be able to be with her this Thanksgiving. Maybe that's why God has chose to keep us in this town for right now. It should be a pretty special one for her. Kevin's half brother and his huge family from Colorado are coming in. They have 10 kids, plus a few grand kids, plus some spouses, making around 21 people! They are coming in two motor homes that they will dock at a campground near by. It's going to be like having Thanksgiving with the Duggars! BUT, mawmaw also found out today that we now have a place to have the big get-together! A restaurant owned by a friend there in her town is letting us use the whole place, just as long as we clean up! What a blessing, because we were all a little concerned since my MIL lives in a small apartment, and no one else would have room for everyone (including all the rest of the family) either! I told her I would be there extra early to help however I can. I guess this also means I'm gonna have to double the side dishes I usually bring! But, that's fine, they only get to come every few years.

Mmmmm now I'm wanting some dressin' and my special green bean casserole!


Krystyn said...

Hope you get to feeling better and your MIL decides her heath is important.

And, supergirl is adorable.