Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Less Is More

This year Christmas is going to be a bit different around here. We went a little overboard last year to make up for the rough financial year we had the year before that. This year we are going to have her decide on three gifts that she wants the most. I got this idea from a fellow blogger and thought what a great idea. It represents the three gifts given to Jesus, but we also want to teach her about the overall spirit of giving. I thought this would be a good year to start her on understanding charitable giving. We will be sorting out toys from her way-too-many to donate. She understands as much as she can at her age that there are some children that don't have as many toys, some not at all.

Before she was born we had just about decided to let her know early on what Christmas really is, the celebration of the best gift to the world, Jesus and that Santa was part of a fairy tale someone long ago made up for fun around Christmas (or something like that). But, my dear husband decided to pass down our own childhood belief that Santa brings the gifts. Although, if you ask her, she knows what Christmas really means. She has already asked if we'll be making the birthday cake for Jesus again this year.
I know for some it seems like you're robbing your child of something by not carrying on the tradition of Santa, as my hubby, but I see it as robbing them of their trust by not telling them the truth. Okay, maybe that would only be if they were a bit older (if their belief lasts that long) when you tell them.
I've even struggled with letting her get her picture made with Santa. I know some of you may say it's just part of the fun of Christmas, and I should lighten up. But, I think the "going to see Santa" just confuses them against our saying he is not a real person. Then there's those (like my mother) that try to make you feel bad if you don't take them, but then that's how the world wants you to feel for not conforming to be like everyone else. Which is the exact thing Christians are to resist doing (Romans 12:2). But then we all deal with that in so many ways other than Christmas.

Whoooa I don't think I meant to go into all that! I am just trying to say by less is more meaning getting less things (like toys) in order to give to others is more for, most importantly, doing just as the one we celebrate did and wants us to do, and hopefully spark that giving spirit in our children that they can carry throughout life to pass to their children. And, of course, more to the hearts of those we give to.

And many Christmas blessings to those who made it through my rambling and run-on sentences!


Krystyn said...

We do the birthday cake for Jesus, too! We know that Christmas is the celebration of his birth...but we let Santa do the gift giving for now.

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