Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Delta Phenomenon

In Memphis, where I'm from, their thing is barbecue, everywhere you go, each place trying to outdo the other. Here in the delta, it's (apparently) hot tamales. Even the finer restaurants here have them on the menu. I guess you could even call them a delta delicacy. They even have their own tracking website

Up until recently, since moving here, I've been on a quest to find the best, or at least some good ones. There are a few variations of these simple, yet addictive little morsels of goodness. There's spicy or not, wrapped in corn husks or wax paper (both in bundles of 3-6), and cooked dry (steamed actually) or in broth. I have discovered that the majority you find here are spicy, in corn husks, and in broth (which most recipes of are highly prized by each cook). It's definitely something I'm afraid to try my hand at making. If you've only had the ones in the can, you haven't had a real hot tamale.

I have had them at one place in Greenville that were good, but I have just discovered even better here in Greenwood at KK's Delicatessen. This is a simple, unassuming little place that makes them homemade. I was pretty confident they would be a safe bet. And my confidence was proven, as they were great. When you buy as many as I did, (Kevin was pretty confident in them too), they come in bundles of six in a shallow broth in a roasting pan. You heat them up at home in the oven. I knew the aspects to judge on, not that I'm an expert, but I know what I like. They came through with it all. The cornmeal casing had just the right texture, slight grit, right density without being mushy. The meat filling was just right, in the amount, and tenderness. They were pretty spicy, but tolerable, and I think is what tamales need to give extra flavor.
I plan on trying more places (as long as they're homemade) while I'm here. I just hope they can live up to KK's.

They give a whole new meaning to the expression bundle(s) of joy.

Ok, I have made my quirky post for the week. I think I'll try to come up with one each week. Hey, you gotta lighten up life every now and then.:)


Tiffany said...

That looks yummy. You remember how Jeremy loves food...he would love that! It is fun when you go or move to a new place and try to find all the good places to eat!