Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We All Have "Bad" Days

Ugh, we've all got sinus junk at the Jennings residence. Well, Bubu actually doesn't seem to have it as bad, very much a blessing. I just had to use nasal spray again, earlier than I was supposed to, because my head was about to explode. It's been here since the weekend, but mine actually got worse yesterday. I don't know where it came from, but it needs to move on along, quickly.

Also, this morning the car window didn't want to go back up (never thought I'd wish I had manual windows). It's been warning me, but today, it just said ok that's it, no more chances...fix me. So, with my sore little fingers, I just drove to the first auto-type place I could find. They tried, but, of course, couldn't fix it, so they referred me to another place. The other place got it up, but it needs a new switch, which they have to order, of course. For now, because of something he had to keep fixed a certain way, none of them are able to go up or down. Not that we put them down a whole lot anyway, but I just hope the air doesn't go out or end up in a lake.

Theeeen, I was at the store and had all the things in my cart to make this chicken salad I've been wanting to try my hand at, and the only rotisserie chickens they had cooked was lemon-pepper. It would be over an hour for the regular. I just took a deep breath and said I'd have to come back later.
Ok, one more, and that's it I promise. I got back home and took another cold pill and it got stuck. It seem to take forever to get down. They're liquid gels, but they could make them flatter, they're like a football shape. I know, big deal sniffle sniffle, but hey, it hurt... for a while.

But through everything, I know I need to remember the aphorism, I'm too blessed to be stressed. That's why I put bad in quotations. I should be thankful these are microscopic in comparison to the much worse problems of many people out there. And believe me, I am. I should be thankful just to have been awakened today, and that there are blessings to be found even in what we consider problems in our day. I am thankful I have medicine for relief (and that it did go down on its own), that they did finally get the window up (and I met some new, very nice people--that didn't charge me anything), and I wasn't going to make the chicken salad til tomorrow which means I would have had to reheat the chicken to be sure it was safe. Ok, I feel a bit better. Hope you had a good day too.:)


Tiffany said...

We all have bad days and it seems like God teaches us so much through those days! It makes me realize how blessed I am in all the other days that are going good and not take them for granted.

My windows in my car work but I can't get out of the driver side without rolling my window down and opening it from the outside times!