Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Pawpaw!

Saturday would have been Kevin's daddy's 72nd birthday. Kevin had to work, so Ava and I went to Greenville to spend the day with mawmaw. The three of us along with one of Kevin's brothers went to the cemetery. Mawmaw wanted to release a happy birthday balloon that she said would be going up to pawpaw. She let Ava do that, and at first she just took off with it like it was a kite, pretty funny. I was a little concerned she would get upset having to let it go, but she actually enjoyed watching go up. Mawmaw did very well. She does pretty well most days now.

Ava is still a little confused when I tell her pawpaw is in heaven, and we can't actually see him now, but we will again some day. She called him on her play cell phone on the way back and told him we brought him a balloon and happy birthday. But then, poor thing, she started crying when we turned into mawmaw's drive saying she didn't want to go back to mawmaw's, she wanted to go see pawpaw. She remembers going to see him at the nursing home. She said she remembers him giving her hugs and playing with her. She's just at that in-between age where they seem to understand a lot of things, but can't fully comprehend all concepts. We had a nice rest of the day with mawmaw, and she was very thankful we came to help her through a tough day.

A burpy-surrounded Ava on the way back.


Tiffany said...

Bless her heart. That is so hard to explain to a little one. I love the picture of her all wrapped up. She is just getting too BIG!! So cute!!