Sunday, August 10, 2008


First, for hubby. He had the tests on Friday. Of course, he didn't find out anything about the CT, but the carotid ultrasound was clear, praise God. I know the CT won't be clear, but we're hoping the area won't be too much worse. We're also hoping won't have to wait until his follow-up with the dr., or even his neuro appt. to find out. I would think if it's significant we'll hear as soon as it's reviewed next week.

I meant to do a one-week potty update on Ava last week, so I guess this will be the 2-week. We're not quite there yet, but she is definitely making progress, praise God again! She has been going in the big potty for most times she needs to go. She has even gone in two potties outside home in the past week. She's still working on catching it in time, but is getting better. I can definitely tell a difference in last week and this week. We all get excited and cheer big every time she makes it to the potty. I think the light at the end of tunnel is starting to flicker!:)

Thanks for your prayers!


Tiffany said...

I am glad one test came back okay. We are still praying for the results of the other!