Friday, November 28, 2008

My First Black Friday

For some insane reason, for the first time, I decided to brave the stores on the biggest shopping day of the year. I did not make it up as early as I'd planned. Which was too bad, because they were already out of a few things I wanted to get. It was packed in the few places I went, but not quite as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't have much luck with most of my list. The things I couldn't find I'll have to search for online. Part of my list I had already planned on doing that anyway (especially ebay and amazon's private sellers). I just thought I might could get a good deal on some things by going early.

One thing I got on sale was our Christmas tree. We decided to get a new one because Kevin wanted one with multi-colored lights instead of the all clear we had (which was wearing out anyway). We thought Ava would enjoy it more too. I put it up last night, the earliest I've ever put up our tree. If it were up to Kevin, it would be left up all year. He just really enjoys looking at it, as he is a big kid. I forgot I was going to look for a new star yesterday. The one we have is so heavy, I have to strap it to the top branches. I'm just thankful I don't have fight with the section of lights that I had to on the old one for the past 2 years. We did get it in 2002 though.

Now I'm going to vacuum up my mess. I was just too worn out last night (I did three loads of laundry in between). That and the rest of my long to-do list.