Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Past Week

Not much has been happening around here lately. I spent last week trying to get rid of the worst sinus junk I've had in a while. The past few times that Ava and/or Kevin have been sick I've been able to dodge it somehow, but said my turn was coming. I'm still sniffling and popping my ears, ugh. I'm just thankful it's better now.

Ava and I made a trip to Memphis Friday. We spent one night at my mama's. We really don't get up there often enough. Ava loves to play with mimi and pops. I had to stop by the bank (they don't have ours down here), because I somehow lost my bank card the week before. This time I got my picture taken to be on it, but hopefully it won't happen again.

Tomorrow Ava has an appointment with an opthamologist. For a few months now she does this weird thing with one of her eyes where she'll be looking off and it will go to the side. It's kind of hard to describe, I just hope she's not getting lazy eye. I know she'll probably have to wear glasses within a few years since both hubby and I do.

Speaking of hubby, I'm about to go make him get out there and change the bulb in my car's headlight before the rain starts again. It went out day before yesterday, and it's making me paranoid I'm gonna get pulled over. I passed 3 police last night with my high-beams on, and just knew they were going to turn right around to stop me. I don't trust the thing about having the bulb and receipt with you will keep you from getting a ticket.


Tiffany said...

I will be praying for Ava's appointment tomorrow.

I got pulled over last year for the ulb being out in my headlight. Come to find out, it just has a short in it. So everytime we are out at night, one of us have to hit the headlight and it just pops on...it is like the Fonz! (or however you spell it)