Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthday Shmirthday

(uhm, that's gonna need a few more candles)

My birthday was yesterday, and my age is already catching up to me because I forgot to post like I planned last night. The day came and went just as I wanted, quietly with my little family. No big party, just dinner out at a new place since I don't really have a favorite down here. We actually went all the way to the big town of Cleveland (MS that is), to The Pickled Okra. We had heard it was good, and were expecting a small country place. What we didn't know was it had bar and grill tacked on to the end of the name, but that's ok, so is a lot of other places like Chili's. Being smaller, the bar was much more of a focal point, so it felt weird having Ava there, but they did have a children's menu. It did create the downside of not much of a non-smoking area. But those things were easily forgiven once we got our food. Just about everything was great.

To keep this from turning into one big restaurant review, I'll just give highlights. The appetizers were very good (I always have to try the spinach/artichoke dip everywhere and Kevin had to have fried mushrooms which I don't like anywhere). My shrimp and crawfish pasta pascagoula was really good (actually better than I thought it was going to be, as I'm not a huge crawfish fan, but like it if it's not too strong). But then I try to get something new to me at a new place....er, to me. Kevin liked the majority of his seafood platter. Ava seemed to like her chicken and fries (no big shock). We all shared the vanilla bean cheesecake for dessert, as I did not have much room left for more than a few bites. No, I did not mention it was my birthday, I never do at restaurants. Aside from trying to keep Ava off the small stage in front of the big expensive large screen t.v.'s (it seems she had an appetite for performing more than food), she was actually pretty well-behaved despite us giving into her rare plea for coke. It helped also that she slept part of the 45 minutes it took to get there. Which, by the way, I'm not sure if I'd make that trip again specifically for this place, but if passing through or near it I would certainly go there again.

Now, as far as my saying turning 31 was going to be harder than 30, it's, of course, not that bad. I just think it's a little surreal now that I am not just 30, but officially "in my 30's". I know, that sounds crazy, but I just can't help but think of when I used to think over 30 was so older, and so far away. But, I wouldn't want to go back to the age when I thought that by any means. No, everything God has placed in my path over the years, good and not-so-good, has been a blessing. So, I look forward to the years left He grants me, and see each one as becoming wiser and closer to Him (as in knowing, not as much seeing ;) ).


Tiffany said...

It sounds like a great restraunt! I am glad you had a great birthday with your family!