Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Almost "Frog Cake" Time!

Well, folks, I think Ava has finally just about graduated potty training. She has number one mastered, has for several weeks, but number two every time just hasn't been as easy. But, for the past week, it has all been in the potty! (I'm knocking on wood as I type.) She has been pretty excited each time, so I'm hoping she'll keep it up. She loves to show us the lovely shapes each time, and of course, we get excited and cheer for her too. Actually, she just had me go in there, and she showed "fellow" too (her pocket-size imaginary friend).

So, now she has been reminding me of the promise I made to make her a cake with the Pampers Kandoo frog saying Ava Kandoo it!, but I told her we'd give it just a little longer to be sure. I told her early on I would make it once she was completely going on her own and doing both one and two (peepee and poopy to her, but I hate to keep writing that) in the potty only. I'm going to give it till next week, then we'll have a little party for her. I'll post a picture of the cake if it turns out decent. Maybe I won't get into copyright trouble.

She has taken a little longer than most kids, considering she's over three, but like I said before, we had a lot going on during the first time we tried. Then again, kids can be ahead of others in one area more than other areas. I know she's still progressing just fine, if not ahead, in most other things. As in the home preschool we've been working on.

To update that, we've been doing some workbooks (one is for 4-6 that she's doing pretty well in). We also do a numbers/letters board game, and some art. She loves reading so far, and likes to try to tell the story by the pictures and what she remembers it saying. I decided to forgo the kits out there for now, and just do a few activities that I know she'll like each day. Trying to keep it simple as her attention span is about the same as her peers. We'll save the more scheduled kits for kindergarten. I just hope I make it that far.:)


Tiffany said...

Yeah good job Ava!! I know you must be so excited about her being potty trained. The idea about the cake is GREAT! By the way happy birthday!