Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trekking Along The Preschool Path

First of all, it has finally cooled off here! Yaaay! I almost complained about it being too cold last night, but then stopped myself, and remembered how short-lived this coolness/cold always seems every year. That and I've been counting the days since late spring for this day. I really do love it, hubby especially does, and so does my hair (hates heat and humidity).

Moving on, on today's preschool home school agenda was learning to play another new board game, Candyland. I love using board games as learning tools. There are so many aspects to use: colors, counting, shapes, letters etc. depending on the game. We dove right into the candyland, but then had to backtrack a little and do a little basic practicing. She was having a little difficulty understanding we were following a path to win. She would try to move her man to any square of the color on the card. So I stopped and had her follow my finger as I said different colors I to move to. She seemed to do better. We'll work on it.
I think I'm going to cut back the computer games for a while. I think it is affecting her ability to concentrate and follow one thing at a time. On the computer (mostly nick jr. and noggin's sites), she can just skip to the next thing if she can't catch on or gets bored. I noticed with this board game (not all the ones she has), she didn't want to stay with her man and what was just ahead, but would even move to a square way back (right color, wrong direction). I don't know, could be her age too.

Aaaaanyway, another thing I thought of today to work on is lower case letters. She knows all the upper case, but has difficulty with most lower. I think I'm going to make some flash cards with the upper on one side and lower on the other. I also want to make some number flash cards. She can recognize 1 through 9, but double-digits are a challenge. Her favorite art thing is painting. We're working on coloring in lines, and scissors for that area too.

My challenge is keeping it all short and simple. That's for her attention span and my patience.:)


Tiffany said...

We had a conference with Skyler's preschool teacher today. First conference of the year. He has really improved in his learning so far! I have tried so hard to teach hi at home, but I think he does better with the pier pressure of other kids. Jada learned everything before she went to preschool. I think it is the difference between boys and girls!