Friday, October 17, 2008

Now, Randomly Speaking (something I'm good at)

I have been tagged again by another friend Tiffany to do a quirky list of 7 random things about myself. I thought, at first, it was only kitchen items as Tiffany did hers on, but then I actually read the directions more closely. hello.

1. I met my husband through a blind date set up by my cousin (not with a cousin). She was later my matron of honor, mainly to thank her, but also we were close growing up.

2. Because breast feeding didn't work out (preemie-related problems played large part), I pumped all of Ava's milk for one whole year (2/21/05-3/9/06). I was determined that every bit of milk she had was breast milk, even if it meant pumping at several times every day and night. I even had an adapter to plug it into for when we were on long trips. I did actually miss it some afterwards, but not the monthly payment for the hospital pump (only way to go for full-time pumping).

3. In high school, I really wanted to do something in marketing one day (was even in DECA, a high school/college marketing club). I liked the creative aspect I could express myself in.

4. I have flown (in an airplane) only once. That was to Cancun, Mexico for our first anniversary. It was a great all-inclusive resort.

5. I'm a bit of a history buff. I love to research and find out interesting info on towns, its history, old houses and buildings, people etc..

6. I love artsy/craftsy stuff. I like to sometimes find projects and add my own touches. I did scrap booking for a while, but kept neglecting the books I'd start, so I do some digital scrap booking now.

7. I prefer old movies and tv shows to new ones. Some favorite movies: You Can't Take It With You, The Shop Around The Corner, Little Women (30's version), The Thin Man, etc.. Some tv: Andy Griffith, Ozzie and Harriet, Dick Van Dyke, etc.. Now it's like they're from a whole different world, not just time.

I was tagged, therefore, I tag:

I'll have to decide on that later. I've taken too long just to do the list right now.


Jill @ Live Laugh Blog said...

Oh my! You pumped for a whole year?! That's insane! And completely awesome.
I nursed both my girls, Adeline for 19 months and Audrey is still going..
But seriously, I loathe pumping. That's totally amazing!!

amy said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention most of my family thought I was crazy for pumping and pumping and pumping....I definitely know what a cow feels like now.:)

Tiffany said...

Wow you went to Cancun on your firt anniversary. I wonder where you will go for your tenth! :)